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How Salvus can help you grow

With over 80 years of combined banking experience, the Salvus team of senior ex-bankers are perfectly suited to your requirements of securing banking facilities in the UAE. We have helped over 40 companies get banking facilities at excellent terms, over the last 3 years. Our clients are from a variety of industries - logistics, plastics and polymers, marine engineering, steel, scrap, contracting, manufacturing etc. Banking facilities obtained include LC / TR, term loans for equipment/factory, guarantees, factoring/invoice discounting, contract financing and so on.

Salvus will help you from start to finish - in securing bank lines, from:

  • Advising you on your balance sheet structure
  • Suggesting an appropriate financing structure
  • Preparing a comprehensive information memorandum (or credit application) etc.)
  • Negotiating the best terms and conditions with each bank - we know what the industry benchmarks are, so you will get the best terms
  • Closing the transaction with banks

Salvus has extensive senior-level contacts with banks and has an intimate knowledge of the credit processes at all the major banks in the UAE. This gives us a huge advantage in negotiating the best terms and conditions for you. We guarantee that the terms we can get you will be the best you can ever get. Secondly, our process is so robust that approvals of credit facilities for our clients are done at the fastest pace in the market.

Salvus TradeSave is a cost saving solution that reduces the cost of import /purchase and/or export financing. This is achieved by obtaining financing from international banks at highly competitive rates. Learn more